Friday, June 06, 2008

La Vida Loco

I don't know what in the world I was thinking when I began all of these projects, but for the record I thought I should report on my many many recent changes.

#1- In case you can't tell from the rest of the blog, I have a 6 month old son

#2- I just received a promotion and am now a supervisor for our Observation & Assessment unit

#3- I have been accepted to graduate school and will start my MSW classes in August 2008

#4- I'm still the current president of our local Children's Justice Center Friend's Board

and of course that's in addition to being married. To add to the stress, I have a new boss and change is just more stressful. So, wish me luck because I think I'm going to go crazy!


Ashley said...

WOW!!! Talk about some MAJOR stress. I am also getting a new boss... and assistant boss. I really hope it isn't too bad! :) If you need a break, you should come visit us in Kanab. We'd LOVE to see you! :)

jayna said...

Once a High Monitor, always a High Monitor! No mediocre existence for you! That's awesome Joslin- good luck with everything!