Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biker Baby!

A couple of weeks ago my last remaining grandmother died. The only part about this that gets to me is that I hadn't taken Kamren to visit her yet! I know, I'm horrible!

Anyway my family spent the weekend together and went to the park to BBQ. Ivan was giving rides on his Harley and here are some picture of Kamren on Grandpa Ivan's Harley. I think Grandpa wanted Kamren to go for a ride rather than Kamren knowing what was happening. I guess Grandpa will have to wait another couple of years for that.

And I think I'll add to this post that Kamren is such a faker! When Kamren got RSV almost 4 months ago he was just learning to roll over and then when he got sick we were advised by the Dr. not to lay him down. So, Kamren didn't get tummy time or even laid on his back for 3 weeks. Since he's been better Kamren hasn't even attempted to roll over. I thought he didn't know how and was worried that he wasn't learning, as all mom's would be of course.

Yesterday Michael put Kamren on his belly and when Kamren started screaming to be picked up Michael left him alone to fend for himself. And, sure enough, when Kamren realized he wasn't getting picked up, he rolled over! Michael and I were both so surprised we put him back on his belly and he rolled over again like he'd been doing it for years! I don't know about this little boy!


jayna said...

I know all about fakers...Lila weighs about 3lbs. more than either of my other girls at 6 weeks, mostly because she's still eating every 3 hours around the clock! Last night I let her fuss a little, and BAM! 7 straight hours of sleep!

Your little boy is so adorable. His hair really does kill me!

Ashley said...

you're so cute! I miss you guys so much!!! I really need to visit!! I like the idea for the blog title... I just might have to change it!!