Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2 in 1 Night

I know, I know. I'm getting a little crazy with two posts in one night but I have to vent a little.

1st, I receive my first official offensive comment today about pregnancy. Odd you should be thinking since I'm not pregnant anymore... which is exactly the point! Michael and I went out to dinner tonight and the waitress said "oh, you have such a cute baby and it looks like one on the way" "What!?!" I responded as I smacked her across the face. Just kidding, I just smiled and said "Nope!" and then finished paying and left. I did consider not leaving a tip though. Sometimes people should just SHUT UP! I know I'm in Utah but come one! Kamren's only 5 months old! And, just for the record she was bigger and in worse shape than me...

2nd, I've been wondering lately how we change in life. I know that sounds like this is going to be deep, but its not. So, stay with me. I've been thinking about how for the majority of my life I've been quite the neat freak (and I know some of you are thinking that's an under statement) but, how did I get to where I am now. My laundry is never done, my house doesn't know the meaning of the words clean or organized, my car hasn't been cleaned in like.... so long I can't remember and it used to be spotless and detailed once a month! What happened to me?


jayna said...

Amen sister. People who are dumb should also be mute.

Of course, when I went to run errands the other day, I made a detour to drop Lila off at my Mom's so that while I was out I could still be "pregnant" in my maternity shirt. I fully intended to lie if asked "when I was due?"!!!

Jensen said...

Yah that one always catches you off guard! It's one thing if you say it to yourself but NO ONE should ever say it to you. How could she have messed that one up you look really good!

I have noticed that you are more relaxed with being "neat" but its a good thing. You shouldn't ever stress about things as little as the house being clean, it's not really worth it. However, there is a difference between dirty and clean but I have never seen your house dirty (and I don't think it's not clean). It's okay to let loose a little when it comes to the house, while you are home it's nice to just relax and now you have a baby :) that takes time away form things such as cleaning the car and house. But I really think that it has something to do with hormones changing with/after pregnancy??? Or it could be people just moved to a different stage in life??? I think everyone goes through this one. Anyway talk to ya soon!

The Batty Spot said...

You are wondering what is wrong with you...nothing. You're just a mom now. Instead of getting your car detailed, you're cleaning up spit up and changing poopy diapers. I used to feel so stupid when you'd come over and my house looked like a tornado went through it...it's good to know you're human too. It make the rest of us feel a little bit better about ourselves:) I really think it's okay to not have everything spotless...and I'm sure Kam does too.