Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

I've debated wether or not I should post on this subject and... looks like I've made up my mind.

I have applied for my Master's Degree!

This morning I mailed my application for Utah State University's Master's of Social Work program. They are only accepting 5-10 students from my area so my chances are pretty slim. Hence why I wasn't sure about posting this... because if I don't get in then you will all know I'm a failer! So, everyone, please wish me luck and if I don't get in remember I only failed at getting in not anything else! :)


Jayna & Family said...

Oh my little high monitor...how I've missed sitting in psych classes with you! You could totally do this- good luck!

Ashley said...

I am way excited for you!! I've actually been looking into mine as well!! I am accepted to SUU... I just have to teach for another year! I think you are going to be amazing!! GOOD LUCK!!! Love ya

The Batty Spot said...

Joslin!!! I didn't know that you had made up your mind on this!! That is so cool!! Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, give me a break. Even if you don't get in your NOT by any means a failure. If you gage success on whether or not you get into a stinkin program for school... then.. i dont know what to tell ya!!