Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Michael

Happy Birthday to my loving husband! He puts up with a lot from me so hopefully this makes up for just a little. This is him with his birthday present, a snowboard. I hope you can all see the surprise on his face!

Now we can go to Steamboat, they have almost 300 inches of snow! A 277 inch base to be exact, as of this afternoon anyway. We'll see what this snow storm does that came through today. It closed all of the roads in and out of Vernal! I truly, for the first time since moving here, felt trapped! Okay not really...


Deena a.k.a. "nana" said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Keep it up and you'll catch up! You are Kam's "ole man" now ya' know. That instantly makes you old no matter young you really are.

Love ya' loads and grateful everyday for you all. Keep up the great work being a husband to my daughter and a Dad to my grandson. Joslin picked a "peach". Besides, when has she ever been wrong about anything? (Just kiddin' Jos:) )