Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back to the Grind

I guess now we've been home for a week I can finally look at these pictures without a feeling of grief and sadness that we're not in Hawaii anymore.

The whole trip was beautiful and exhilarating!


KamMan's favorite part was definitely the beach/pool/river/waterfall... pretty much anything involving water. He lived in his swimming suits and 2 of them show the distress to prove this claim. Kam would have slept in his swimsuit had we allowed it.

Michael has repeatedly said his favorite part was being away from work, although I'm sure he enjoyed other things too. And, my favorite part was seeing, Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, and an Octopus all outside of an aquarium or amusement park. I also really L.O.V.E how relaxed and care free everyone and everything seems to be, the climate (hello! NO lotion!), and this:

This sunrise was so amazing I took about 15 shots of it at different stages throughout the sunrise. Thank you digital, cause film would never have lasted!


jayna said...

Looks wonderfully amazing! I have been to the big island once and I dream of going back...anywhere over there! Glad you all got away!