Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ode to Guilt

Because sometimes I think it runs ruins controls consumes my life!

So here is my vent for today: Kamren is an only child! I don't know if this has just become a VERY prevalent thought lately because I'm so pre-occupied with wanting another child or what! But... I don't want the BattyBoy to be the only Battychild! He needs friends... that live in the same house as him... that he can't get away from no matter how much he wants to. Because its that persistent annoyance and frustration only a sibling can give that will teach him how to be a true companion to someone else.

And, I want him to have people his own size to play with when we vacation as a family, someone to have fun with... not with just his parents. Who will inevitably raise him in such an egocentric manner if he doesn't have siblings. Not because we want, but because it is the unpreventable nature of an only child.


scuz said...

lets go find you some babies! or little men, since Kamren is no longer a baby. I'll start looking today.

Ashley said...


I didn't even know she was getting married. Until late last night I didnt even know his name. She isn't herself... she is quite crazy at the moment. We aren't even invited.

PS... Amanda got engaged last night.

also... were you still interested in the elves? just curious. :)