Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Give a Child A Home

I love my Friend of a Friends just like I love my Friend's
and this one needs some help!
This is a cause very close to my heart because Michael and I personally know:
how expensive adoption can be, and that great families aren't always in a position to afford it.

Click the Pic to Start Bidding

If you love my blog or any of my previous layouts, you can bid on a blog makeover (or etsy, or button creation, or whatever you'd like!) from the Creator who does my blog. She's awesome, and if you need more examples click the "like my style?" button.

There are many other things, massages, photo shoots, gift certificates to MANY yummy places, and much more. CHECK it OUT!
(If you don't want to participate in the auction, please donate directly here)


jayna said...

Thanks Jos! We need to get the word around town! Aren't these people amazing??