Friday, June 05, 2009

Dinos and Bunnies

Note: Just a note to check out the new Dino pic. The birthday candles are still there, but if you look closely, he is now wearing a graduation cap and holding a diploma. Congrats to all you graduates! Here is Vernal's tribute to you!
Also, check out these bunnies! Seriously, they are rabbits. We have a garden at work that O&A plants and takes care of. While we were tilling a couple of months ago accidentally ran over a bunny nest. Of that nest only one survived and was nursed back to health and released.
Well, this last week in the garden we found two more nests and have officially scared off one of the mother's. So, here is our new nest of bunnies we are once again nursing back to health.

Look how small they are. These ones didn't even have their eyes open yet!


Beau, Mel, Laila and Cain!!!! said...

Oh my those are cute!!! Can I take Cameron home... come on and think about it!!! He is to die for!!!! Love the food pics of him! He is a doll!!