Sunday, April 26, 2009


My younger bother, Ammon has been living with us for the past

16 months.

He moved out about a month ago to get things ready

to serve his second tour in the military.

He left Monday for training and will go to Iraq following his training.

Friday, Michael and I were making the bed in what used to be

Ammon's room and deep cleaning it.

Kamren was walking around saying

"Maamen eer r uoooo" which translated means:

"Ammon where are you?"
(I tried to get it on video, but as soon as I pulled out the camera Kamren was only interested
in playing with it.)


Beau, Mel, Laila and Cain!!!! said...

That is precious!!! Thank you for your brother. Our prayers are with him and your family!!! Miss you!

jayna said...

Thanks for the blog shout out! And that is so cute about Kam's love for his uncle!

Tiffany said...

O my. That touches the heart. Cute little Kam. Good Luck Ammon!

-Rachel said...

I dearly love the members of our military. What a huge sacrafice is made, both by the service member, and by those who are left behind to miss them.

The Bunnell's said...

Oh, what a cutie! I love when they start talking and how cute their little jibber jabber is. I bet you are going to miss Ammon, good luck to him and he is in our prayers.