Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Immediately when Kamren woke up this morning he started acting like he had been born from the depths of hell. I have no idea when he learned to throw tantrums but I soon hope he learns the only thing flinging his head against the floor gets him is a headache!

Anyway, he woke up around 7:45 and I put him in his crib because I just couldn't handle it anymore around 9:00 and within 5 min. he was out! He was so tired, even though he had just woke up.

There was no way I was waking the ornery monster I just couldn't bare waking the sleeping angel so I'm being late for work.

I know with this spare time I should be preparing the presentation I have to give in class tonight -or- writing my book review that's due for class tonight -or- writing the essay that's due for class tonight -or- reading the chapters we will be reviewing in class tonight -or- completing my assignment to interview a social worker (I haven't even started this one!) that is due tonight -or- folding the laundry -or- doing the dishes -or- picking up the front room (which is still littered with Kamren's new toys) -or- going to work. Yet..... here I sit, procrastinating it all!


Behling Family said...

I think blogging is much better that any of those things you mentioned!!! I think we are truely alike when it comes to this situation. I could have two months notice that I need to do something, and I would still wait until the day of, or even hours before to do it. It makes things interesting!!!!!