Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I knew it would happen someday

Kamren has been walking around lately...everywhere. He thinks he is so big and thinks he has conquered the stairs. So, tonight, as I was on the phone with my Dad and Michael was in the kitchen, Kamren walked up to the stairs and just walked right down them.......well, he walked off the first one and fell down the rest.

The really sad part is that we have had a safety gate since he learned to crawl at 6 months old, we've just never installed it.

*edited to add: He is fine, no bumps, bruises or other evidence of neglect by non-supervision. He just had a bewildered "oh no" look on his face as Michael and I both raced to save him.


jayna said...

That is so sad! I'm sure your hearts just stopped! Glad he's okay, or you would have said otherwise.

Caroline ate it off our bottom step when she was about 14 months old and chipped her front incisor and had a HUGE black eye. (I blamed it on Daddy's watch).

The Petersen's said...

Oh more boy! Accidents happen and you always feel so bad. I'm sure that he will be fine.

Behling Family said...

They will find those stairs darn it, everytime! Im glad that he is not hurt. I think something like that has happened to all of us.

Ivylmnm said...

I have to bring out our baby gates when he comes to our house. He is so interested in what's up or down them!