Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Miss My Hubby...

Michael has been out of town since Monday for work and won't be back until tomorrow night. This post is to let him know how much I miss him! And, for any of you out there in blog land who think that your husband doesn't do anything to help around the house... have him leave for a week and then you can truly decide!

I haven't touched the laundry, dishes, cooked dinner or payed bills. I think my baby hasn't had a bath in three days and I'm sooo sleep deprived. I guess I never realized how much Michael really does get up with Kamren during the night.

And, for anyone debating on traveling to Hawaii with an infant, just beware that the time difference kills them... okay not him ME! Prior to our wonderful vacation Kamren was sleeping through the night (yeah!). While in Hawaii Kamren adjusted very well to the 3 hour time difference (yeah!) and managed to stick with his same schedule (yeah!). Upon returning... Kamren still thinks it is 7:00 am at 4:00 am (cry cry!). The poor babe, I mean poor me, has routinely woken (me) up at 4:00 am since we've been home!


jayna said...

Yikes- that's a tough one. Hope he's over it soon! Stick to your guns and I'm sure he'll get back on schedule. I hate it when Tyler's gone- I can never get to sleep without him! The routine is all ruined!

Ashley said...

That does not sound like too much fun! I'm sorry to hear that your hubby is gone! I really don't know what that is like... i don't have one of those! :) Miss ya!